NDA limit sharing my work, this is illustrative Footage from Volvo.


Researched and designed a route planning digital product for the next generations of refuse (garbage) trucks.


Product Design Intern
- Primary & Secondary Research,
User Flow, Service Design,


May - August



Mountain View,



I was a Product Design Intern at the Volvo Group Innovation Lab in Mountain View, CA to work on a project with Mack Trucks, a subsidiary of Volvo Group. Our task was to create a digital route planning service that helped maximize time use, profits, and safety. The project, and most importantly, our research, would allow for the implementation of new technology through an incremental innovation of the in-cabin experience.


Multiple NDAs limit how much I can share of the project.

  • Lead a user-centered design process focused on product innovation.

  • Conducted thorough primary research, through field visits and interviews, to understand the state of the refuse industry.

  • Analyzed the competitive landscape and market gaps to design the service concept that enables to carry the technology that will be implemented.

  • Build product strategy using different Service and Product design tools and processes.

  • Crafted user experience prototypes.

  • Presented our findings and proposals at an internal meeting attended by the C-suite and approximately 150 employees from Volvo Group globally. We were invited to meet with the VP for Mack Trucks North America, who is the biggest stakeholder associated with this project.


These are some of the tools and processes we used during the internship.

Project / Context base timeline

Service Blueprint

Field Visits

Competitor Analysis

Market Study

Stakeholder Interviews

Secondary Research

User Journey

North Star Principles

Futures Cone

Incremental Innovation Plan

Three Horizons

Experiental Futures Ladder


Some documentation of the project process!

Analyzing our findings and doing interviews even with remote stakeholders for a larger understanding of the task at hand.

Hands on experience with the truck and its in-cabin experience.

Understanding the ecosystem beyond the truck.

Visiting each touchpoint of the garbage industry.

Had great Design and Business mentors in the Volvo Innovation team!

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