Developed an investor portal that extends the company's runway.


Product Designer
- Primary & Secondary Research,
User Flow, Design System, Product
road map, Prototyping.


January - March





Toperty is a startup dedicated to providing housing opportunities to millions unable to realize their dream of home ownership.

My role was to explore innovative revenue streams, addressing the need for faster cash flow as the company sought runway beyond traditional investor funding.

The investors portal primarily caters to young professionals embarking on their initial investments, embracing micro-investments as a habitual practice

My Impact

250% portfolio growth.

$500K+ investment received.

2x extended runway.

Faster product building and iterating.

Fertile ground for user research and retention.


  • Collaborated with CEO and COO to establish a guiding principle ("North Star") for design iterations and addressed the revenue challenge by exploring new streams of income.

  • Conducted comprehensive market research, competitor analysis, stakeholder interviews, and workshops. Assisted COO in in-depth user interviews to identify the target audience as young professionals adopting microinvestments for their initial ventures.

  • Crafted a user journey map and iteratively designed user flows with a focus on key features from exploration to investment tracking. Developed a unified Design System for seamless integration of the main product with the investors portal, emphasizing simplicity in platform design through minimalistic layouts and clear, concise copy.

  • Implemented continuous product revisions with the development team, incorporating usability testing and design iterations, and focused on improving the overall user experience with user testing.

  • Also developed a strategic growth notification system throughout the design.

Calculating the investment

A walkthrough the project’s four usability testings through The design of the most successful interaction. The investment Calculator.

First Iteration


  1. So much data is needed for navigating the intricacies of property investment. We categorized it into five subpages.

  2. We introduced the Investment Calculator on the fourth page for people to know how much their investment return would be.

Key Insights:

  • Grouping is key: Users thrive on curated information in each section.

  • Friction reduction: Streamlining data access between interconnected subpages.

Second Iteration


  1. We brought the Investment Calculator to the forefront. It became the first encounter with each property.

  2. Distilled information to three concise subpages. User feedback led to the removal of less pertinent details, aligning with the first steps toward investment.

Key Insights:

  • Addressing friction: Calculator placement impacts user engagement.

  • Conciseness matters: Simplified data presentation for efficient initial investment exploration.

Third Iteration


  1. The Investment Calculator ascended to the top, engaging users right away.

  2. Everything you need is accessible on one page. Users can seamlessly scroll up and down for a comprehensive investment overview.

Key Insights:

  • Streamlined experience: Calculator at the top for immediate engagement.

  • Data optimization: Eliminating redundant card details for a focused investment journey.

Final Design

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