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Designed and implemented Mixed Reality (MR) prototypes to envision the future of human-vehicle interactions, as part of the BMW R&D team.


MR Interaction Design Intern
- User Flows, Prototyping,
Research, Visual Design.


July - December





During CES 2024, the BMW team presented work that I contributed to during my time as an intern


I worked as an XR Interaction Design Intern at the headquarters in Munich, Germany. My team was focused on developing HMI (Human Machine Interactions) products that would be released within 5-7 years


Multiple NDAs limit how much I can share of the project.

  • Led the end-to-end development of a real-time interactive Mix Reality (MR) product, utilizing state-of-the-art headsets under a tight corporate deadline.

  • Designed multiple UI applications to demonstrate and prototype the potential uses for the new MR technology developed by our team.

  • Managed the packaging and handoff of approved assets to the engineering team for integration. 

  • I was invited to present my work to the BMW board at their annual conference. The project then was approved and selected for the next rounds of innovation.

  • Proposed and collaborated on several inventions, which have been patented (details coming soon!)

MR + Driving

Patent 1

Reimagining a fundamental component of the vehicle with the help of MR for smarter and safer use.

AI + Internet of Cars

Patent 2

AI/ML implementation for Internet of Cars (IoC) and the experience beyond the vehicle.


The following diagrams illustrate the screens and spaces that I worked on.

First mile (1), in-car (2), and last mile (3) AR experiences.

In-car experiences in the Head over display (HUD) (1), Center in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) (2) together, and also with the AR headset.

Mobile (1) application that hosts the AR (2) experience.

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