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Museums are far from customized
to each visitor’s interests

Sparked from visiting museum's and leaving them with a sense that the visit was incomplete we developed this project. We wanted to brake the fourth wall for visitors to really explore in-depth the museum


We created this project while interning at BMW. It was intended to showcase some of the explorations we wanted to do with the technology we were using.

My Role

+1 Interaction Designer


January (3 weeks) 2023


Created an Augmented Reality museum guide tailor to each user.

Using AR affordances to guide
the product look and feel


We focused on building a robust design system based on Particle Systems to move beyond the physical restrictions of standard screens frames.

Integrating the experience

Seamless transition

to AR via the

particle system.

With the survey in the mobile device we used the particle system to transition into the tour/guide in the headset.




Particle System


Track Pad to

move guides

in X & Y axis

Raise and rotate guides

Hide guides


Start Particles System

Ideas represent potentials,
demos present actual experiences.

The nitty gritty

We used Unity to create the Particle System that guides the user. This system is based on a Bézier curve that dynamically adapts to a series of anchors that drives the particles around the museum.

Anchoring to reality

To test this system in actual museums, we created a UI system that allowed us to manually move, rotate and activate the start, middle and end anchors of each section.

We found that these systems are successfully free of their borders -they can grow, shrink, and move unrestrictedly in space.


Time Machine

The survey is the initial encounter the visitor has, where a series of multiple-choice questions helps to determine their specific areas of interest for a tailor-made visit.

The ultimate immersive
museum experience

Final Designs

Designing novel interactions to see how a statue may have looked at the time of its inception, adding new layers of depth to the experience.


A tailored AR tour is created from the survey. It uses a malleable Particle System that adapts to the environment and guides the user through the museum.

The tour removes unnecessary stimuli from museums to enhance visitors’ experience and immersion.`

Haptic Experience

If a user is able to touch a sculpture -rather than just look at it- they will have a better understanding of the piece and of the artist.

A system of haptic rings to enhance the immersion of allowing a safe feel and touch interaction with sculptures

Using particle systems, PointAR can successfully and dynamically transition between realities and technologies. This opportunity enables for a more realistic access (also remote) to museum collections.



Integrating MR into the journey


Interaction design Intern

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