For the ecosystem to work,

the focus is not only on the driver.

The User(s)

Apart from our main persona we incorporated two more that could give us better light on how an encompassing ecosystem would work.

Seamless Transition into Car

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Final DEsigns

Frunk Delivery

Passenger ID


Harmonious interactions
to keep you on track

I integrated the car with the existing ecosystem to create new potentialities beyond current use. While other teammates focused on the MR experience when autonomous is on.


I worked on all aspects of the project with my classmates. My final focus was on the center IVI and mobile screens.

My Role

2 Industrial Designers

3 Product Designers


November - December (5 weeks)


Designing the
central node of
the Apple ecosystem

Broken Experience

Seamless Experience

Advanced Technology

Stagnant Technology

EV Brands

Competitor landscape

To further understand the current paradigm of the EV market, we conducted first-hand research on 13 EV cars to set the expected experience of where our vehicle would be

The market

Digging into the

Apple ecosystem

After doing an exhaustive brand research on Apple we investigated its spatial computing and seamless integration technology

The infrastructure

Smart Transition

Apple devices are always on and available whenever users need them.

Using this modus operandi, we enable new features and possibilities when the car is not running



On / Off


New State

Always running

Apple users already use their products for work and productivity.

Spatial computing plus autonomous driving will enable the car as a new productivity hub.




Productivity Hub

The experience of a car is not only in the actual vehicle but the first and last mile.

Utilize Apple’s ecosystem to improve the experience by understanding that a journey goes beyond the actual vehicle.

First mile

Last mile




EV owners are early adopters, actively exploring the potential of new vehicles

Learning from our users

We interviewed 24 electrical vehicle owners, and found some key insights that filtered how we explored the EV market and Apple’s ecosystem.


Covering all
touchpoints across
the experience

From our research we decided to focus on these three key areas since they are where the majority of current friction takes place.

Ideation and prototyping

Rapid session of sketching the in-car experience
to prototype and test with potential users.

Designing a holistic experience,
from hardware to software



Software Engineer


Apple's commitment to user privacy and security is unmatched. It's one of the main reasons I trust their products.


Barbara a tech-savvy individual who's always on the lookout for the latest gadgets and innovations. She started using Apple products because of their reputation for security and has since become a loyal customer. She often recommends Apple products to friends and family.

MacBook Air (for travel and meetings)

AirPods Pro (for music and calls)

Mac Pro (for work and coding)

iPhone 15 (primary phone)



Develop and test software applications efficiently.

Stay updated with the latest tech trends and innovations.

Ensure her digital data and privacy are secure.


Managing multiple projects and deadlines.

Keeping her devices synchronized with the latest software versions.

Finding time to explore and learn about new tech tools and platforms.


Graphic Designer

San Francisco


I love how all my Apple devices work together. It makes my life so much easier.


Sophie is a young professional who values aesthetics, functionality, and brand reputation. She's been using Apple products since her college days and appreciates the seamless integration between devices.


MacBook Pro (work and personal)

Apple Watch Series 7 (fitness tracking and notifications)

iPhone 13 Pro (primary phone)

iPad Pro with Apple Pencil (sketching and design work)

AirPods Pro (music and calls)


Stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues.

Use professional tools and apps for her design work.

Maintain a digital lifestyle that's both efficient and stylish.


Keeping up with the latest software updates and features.

Balancing work and personal life on her devices.

Finding the best apps and tools for her specific needs.

Seamless Transition into Car

Manually adding apps each time creates too much friction.

Allows users to customize the apps and information they want to share with another car.

Transition into car

Frunk Delivery

Private & Public Audio

MagSafe Connection

“Meet Halfway” function could cause more hassle than it solves due to unpredicted traffic.

The private chat function might turn people away from each other.

Risk of devices falling off if the MagSafe connection is not strong enough.

“Deliver to Car” takes advantage of a parked car so people can securely receive delivery when not there.

Protects privacy for in-car calls so nobody else can listen.

MagSafe provides an easy way for new/existing users to connect personal devices to the car.

Testable prototypes

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Introducing the Apple Car’s
holistic user experience

Final Designs

Switch to Autonomous

Frunk Delivery

Next up

Integrating MR into the journey


Interaction design Intern

In situations where the autonomous driving mode is available, drivers can press and hold two buttons to enable this driving mode.

Environmental settings, such as lighting and
seat position, will be automatically changed to
match the preset.

Users can use the map app to order and receive deliveries directly to their car, even if they are not in the vehicle.

Seamless Transition into Car

Once inside a verified car, personal devices will automatically connect to the car and transfer ongoing activities, such as multimedia content, calls, and Facetime.

Passenger ID

Apple cars will have MagSafe docks available for each seat in the car.

Each users' preferred settings, linked to their device, will be saved.

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Designing a seamless route copilot


Product design Intern