Hi! My name is Mario

I am obsessed with how humans interact with reality...

Building the future

Lately I have been prototyping for what
future Operating Systems will enable...

Crafting collaborative AI generation, mediated by distance to generate deeper in
person connections

AI Social

Exploring what a smarter Dropbox could be that breaches between different ecosystems
and data files

Command + Transfer

What if our OS could be more task, location and behavior aware? Focusing on the next generation of spatial OS

Responsive OS

Interaction and Product Design

An epiphany in 2021 led me to craft
how humans interact with devices...

Designing a seamless route copilot


Product Design Intern

Building an investment portal


Product Design

Integrating Mix Reality into the journey


Interaction Design

Next generation museum guide


Personal Project

Multimedia Artist

Before 2021 I explored human relationship to technology through immersive installations, videos, publications...

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