Researched and designed an incremental innovation plan to enhance the in-cabin experience of the next generations of garbage trucks





Product Design Intern

May - August


UX Research, Conceptualization,
User Journey Mapping, Service Blueprint, Ideation, Prototyping and Mockups.

Mountain View


Addressing a 25-year stagnation in Refuse Truck in-cabin experience, the challenge was designing a product for incremental integration of technological advancements.

Overview (NDA limited)

Joined the Volvo Group Innovation Lab in Mountain View for a project with Mack Trucks, a subsidiary of Volvo Group.

I was part of a team of 3 interns (Data Scientist, UX Researcher, and me (Service + Product Design) with the task of proposing a radical technological implementation to the next fleet of Refuse trucks through an incremental innovation plan initiated by a route planning tool.

My role was Product Innovation. I used tools and systems from Service and Product Design to produce a user-centered design process. We conducted thorough primary research through field visits and interviews to understand the state of the refuse industry and analyze the competitive landscape and market gaps to design the service concept that enables us to carry the technology that will be implemented.

Got to present it in the EDGE Talks (internal meeting to the C-suite and about 200 employees from Volvo Group global) the feedback was so positive that we got to meet personally with the VP for Mack Trucks North America who is the bigger stakeholder regarding this project.

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